Want a gig?

We have availabilities for acts at all levels, from total beginner to established pros.

For newish comedians (or anyone else that fancies it)

Sheff gong finalists 2019

Our “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” gong shows are nothing like the ruthless gong shows at the Comedy Store that you may have heard about. They are friendly!

Around 15 acts compete. Each act gets a guaranteed 2 mins, after this point, lights flash and 5 selected audience members hold up cards. If at least 3 are red, it’s time to leave. You can also be voted off by the compere or promoter if you are doing material that has been largely stolen or is blatantly racist.

If at least 3 are green, then carry on until they flash again approx 90 seconds later. (Lights usually only flash during pauses, not mid-gag) If you survive 5 minutes, you are in the final, where you get one minute to convince the audience you should win. Winners get £30 prize, bookings at other clubs and qualify for a Champion’s Special Final for a £100 prize.

If you are new to comedy, please note we are looking for acts to be doing their own material, not gags doing the rounds on texts and the internet or old-skool Bernard Manning/Chubby Brown-type material.

Please note that Funhouse booker Spiky Mike is always at the gong shows, so it can be a good way of being seen quickly with a view to future higher level bookings. Please complete the form below if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more experienced comedians

Please email a good quality video of an unedited live performance that is at least three minutes long to funhousecomedy@virginmedia.com.

Once you have been booked

Please arrive at the venue when doors open (venue info is on this website). We will email you a reminder a few days before your show with full details about everything you will need to know. If you can’t make it, please let us know asap.

What we need to know

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